Holy Shit!

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After just publishing my last post a few minutes ago, I previewed my site and was quite literally shocked at the date of the last post I made. Shocked. There are immediately new thoughts spiralling around in my head — uncomfortable thoughts. The kind of thoughts that can provoke change. I’m not so sure my initial approach was the total failure I was evaluating it to be …


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Epic Fail – Postmortem

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Well, I’ve obviously failed in my initiative to document everything I eat and drink on a daily basis. The first thoughts I had when thinking about composing this post were to reflect on where I decoupled from the track and why. But ultimately, as I reflect back, I’m not 100% sure if there is a single reason why I got off track with my eating or failed to establish a consistent exercise regimen or stopped documenting my daily intake. The simple answer is simply that I didn’t think and concentrate daily on my goals and my vision, and distractions entered the void and took hold. Instead of heading home from work and thinking exercise, I was thinking TV, sofa and Xbox. No excuses … I let it happen.

My original idea for this blog was to use it as a motivational tool. I’d basically be documenting to the world what I was eating and drinking every day while professing to be on a path of enlightenment as well as lightenment. 🙂 I knew going in that one of my biggest obstacles was acquiring the self-discipline necessary to stay the course, build momentum and continually strive for progress. What I didn’t account for was that the very fact of composing a daily post and sitting and writing in a blog takes discipline! I have never done a whole lot of writing, let alone writing on a daily basis! I was seeking self-discipline and the very tool I employed to help me acquire it required discipline to use it! This is what’s referred to as a conundrum.

Luckily I have an idea for a new approach, and I think that the self-discipline I seek just might be accessible … in 140 chars or less.


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Day 15 – Feeling embarrassed …

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

The answer to yesterday’s challenge: I did a tremendous amount of thinking today on all points in my plan and also wrote down several Atomic Goals which I followed through on.

My Nutritional Choices
Time Item(s)
10:15a 1/2 Myoplex Lite protein shake
11:30a 1 slice whole wheat toast w/butter
12:00p 12 oz Diet Coke
1:00p 1/2 oz wasabi green peas
1:30p celery stalk w/natural peanut butter
3:00p can Campbells Tomato soup (200 cals, no fat), prepared with 3/4 cup whole milk, 8 oz water
4:15p 8 oz water
5:00p Lean Cuisine Bacon spinach alfredo pizza (320 cals, 9g fat)
7:00p small McDonalds fries (took sons to McDs after school
8:00p .5 oz cashew crumbs
8:30p 16 oz reg coke
12:00a 2 eggs, scrambled w/pam cooking spray
12:30a Laughing Cow chipotle cheese, 1 oz? (35 cals)
1:00a 2 oz halibut, pan-seared, baked
Thoughts of the Day

I’m reading through some of my blog posts, and I feel embarrassed when I see how many Diet Cokes I drink in a typical day. I’m fully aware of the benefits of water and some of the negatives associated with some of the ingredients of carbonated sodas such as caffeine and phospohoric acid. But for some reason I choose to overlook those negatives several times a day.

It all started decades ago … when we’d go to visit our baba on Sundays. One of my only memories of her was when she’d bring out a tray of thick, green glass bottles with the iconic Coke label on them … a Norman Rockwell image if ever there was one. After she cracked the caps off, I’d immediately put my nose right over the top of the bottle. Something refreshing about the fizz hitting my nose, the smell of the dark, frothy liquid (something my brother and I would refer to some years later as liquid gold) and, of course, the taste. It was love at first fizz!

Fast forward about 40 years. I still like Coke, although I switched to Diet Cokes for the most part many years ago when I decided, at 297 lbs, I needed to lose weight. I did, and the Diet Coke substitution has remained a staple ever since. I seriously doubt that I will completely eradicate soda, both diet and regular, from my regimen, but I can and will strive to achieve an acceptable level of moderation that restricts sodas to 1 or 2 per day while enabling substitutions such as tea, water and low fat milk with an emphasis on water.

Tomorrow’s challenge: drink more water and less diet Coke.
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Day 14 – Struggle, struggle, toil and trouble

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

The answer to yesterday’s challenge: Struggle, struggle, toil & trouble; epic fail and stomach bubble!

My Nutritional Choices
Time Item(s)
9:30a 6 oz orange juice
11:00a english muffin w/butter, 8 oz water
11:30a 12 oz diet Coke
12:00p 1 oz cashews, raisins & sunflower seed mix
2:00p Royal Farms fried chicken (breast, left over from previous day), 5 oz Birdseye Steamfresh white rice + frozen veg, 20 oz diet Cherry Coke
4:00p 2 oz wasabi green peas (approx 120 cals)
7:30p 16 oz diet Code (movies)
8:00p 2 oz cashews, raisins & sunflower seed mix (used as snack at movies)
8:30p 2-3 oz wasabi green peas (used as snack at movies)
10:30p 1 oz turkey lunchmeat, 12 oz diet Coke
11:30p (5) 1.5 oz mini-boxes of assorted cereal (Raisin Bran, Frosted Mini Wheats) w/milk
Thoughts of the Day
Struggle, struggle, toil and trouble;
Fats and sugar, stomach bubble.

My take on the 3 witches in Macbeth. I remember reading it in the 11th grade; it was the only Shakespeare play that I liked somewhat. Macbeth is a story with an important message — women are the root of all evil. 😉

Man, I’m officially struggling now. The motivation just isn’t there. Hell, I only went out on the neighborhood dog walk because my wife was too tired tonight to do it! It’s clear that just doing it isn’t the answer. I need a strategy. I need a plan to direct me back on track. Basically I need to change my thought pattern and bombard my head with new thinking. There are several things I’m going to do starting tomorrow morning (as it’s the end the day now):

  • Realize (and think about it) that both my mindset and how I feel physically are temporary; things always seem worse when you’re in the dumper
  • Revitalize a major conflict in my mind by projecting out and thinking about a day in the future when I am doing something I am really looking forward to — and I’m in the best shape of my life; project out to a mid term event and a longer term event and imagine even the smallest details
  • Get out the Fat Book and key in on notes/photos that trigger thinking about future events like that described in the previous item
  • Think long and hard about the photographer I am paying money to to capture my success (Fitty2Fabulous.com) and about the words I am writing in these blogs that are intended to document my success … not my abysmal failure!
  • Create atomic goals once getting home and check them off one-by-one which will instill a sense of accomplishment
  • Think a lot on my schedule — and everything it’s costing me; it’s my Achilles’ heel

In short, what I need to do is flood my mind with the right thoughts, generate momentum and create a tipping point. There are many things we do each day that require little or no real thought. But the things we procrastinate on, the things that run in the face of our lifestyle — they’re a different story altogether. For these we need a proven strategy that transports us to the precipice of action. Tipping Points.

Some items on my list above will probably raise some questions. Conflict, atomic goals, fat books, and tipping points refer to strategies that I have devised in the past and found to be useful in redirecting my thoughts and my mindset, which in turn, sparked action that led to physical results I was pursuing. I will be discussing these and many other concepts and strategies in my companion blog — FatBrainFitBrain.com.

Tomorrow’s challenge: implement my plan by doing several of the items on my list
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Day 13 – TEST Day

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The answer to yesterday’s challenge: I’m calling this one fairly successful; I did stop at Royal Farms and buy some fried chicken and some donuts for the family for tomorrow morning (and one for dad tonight), but I ate well throughout the rest of the day and I did get right back to my exercise regimen.

My Nutritional Choices
Time Item(s)
8:30a 1/2 Myoplex Lite protein shake
10:00a 12 oz diet Coke
10:30a english muffin w/butter
11:00a 3 oz combo — cashews, raisins and sunflower seeds
12:30p 12oz H20
2:00p Lean Cuisine Chicken Carbonara, 10 oz H20
2:30p 1/2 peach
3:00p 8 oz H20
4:30p 2 oz uncooked green beans, 12 oz Stewart’s Root Beer (the best!)
6:00p 2 oz rotisserie chicken, 3 oz brown rice w/spray butter
8:00p Royal Froms chicken — 1 breast, 3 drumsticks, 12 oz diet Coke
9:00p Krispy Kreme sour cream donut
10:30p 12 oz diet Coke
12:30a 12 oz reg Coke, Krispy Kreme sour cream donut
1:00a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich (100 cals)
Thoughts of the Day

Most of my nutriton related thoughts today are concerned with reversing my double-whammy of last evening — no exercise and bad eating. It could actually be classified as a quadruple-whammy — no exercise, overeating, substitution of comfort food over real food, and late night eating in front of the TV. I definitely succeeded in bringing the exercise back into line (GlennMasonExercises365.com), but my eating habits have always been the bigger challenge. Somehow my car redirected me to Royal Farms on the way home to get some chicken. Once inside awaiting my chicken order, I seemed to go on autopilot adding 5 Krispy Kreme donuts (3 for my sons for breakfast in the morning and one each my my wife and me) for my incident report. Originally I was thinking that it would be a good test for me to see if I could avoid eating the donut and save it until tomorrow … HA! I can’t even say for sure if the donut even made it home safely. And once my wife indicated she didn’t care for any donuts … it was only a matter of time before her donut met its maker.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad day actually. The difference between today and the day after my recent day of rest leading to my epic fail week is that I’m thinking a lot about what I need to do to get back on track. I ate well most of the day. I did get over 1 and 1/2 hours of exercise — that was huge. Like I always say, “progress … little else matters”. As long as I progress each day, I’ll be totally in the groove in no time.

Unfortunately I’m planning on going to the movies with a friend tomorrow evening, so my challenge will be doubled. I have rarely been known to sit through a movie without a canon of Coke and the largest size popcorn available with the requisite greasy, butter flavored oil slick dumped on top.

Tomorrow will be another challenging day.

Tomorrow’s challenge: Cut out comfort foods and late night eating other than a small snack or coke only after working out!
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Day 12 – Rest Day

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The answer to yesterday’s challenge: I did drink exactly 3 large cups of water.

My Nutritional Choices
Time Item(s)
9:30a 1/2 Myoplex Lite protein shake
11:00a 12 oz diet Coke
12:15p sandwich – 2 slices whole wheat bread, 3 oz combo of turkey/ham/pastrami lunchmeat, light mayo, hoagie spread, 1 whole roma tomato
1:30p apple
1:45p 12 oz H20
2:15p 2 packets Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Apples & Cinnamon
2:30p 12 oz H2O
3:30p 12 oz diet Coke
4:30p 1 tbl natural peanut butter
6:00p 3 oz rotisserie chicken, 2 oz peas w/spray butter
6:45p 8 oz H20
8:00p 1 oz ham lunchmeat, 3 oz cantelope
11:00p 1 can Chef Boyardee Ravioli, 2 small handfuls of Goldfish crackers, 6 oz reg Coke
Thoughts of the Day

I didn’t get any morning exercise in and I just didn’t feel like exercising in the evening. Before I know it, a time-honored friend that has kept captive for years came knocking on my door. Last night I answered. The pattern goes like this:

  1. I don’t seem to have the get-up-and-go in me so I skip exercise and typically opt for the sofa and the TV
  2. Watching TV while sitting or laying down leads me to yearn for comfort food
  3. I overeat foods high in fats and/or sugars, i.e. pizza, subs, fries, chips, cookies, Coke, ice cream, donuts, anything that ends in ‘itos’, etc.
  4. Skipping exercise seems to result in a tendency to overeat so I stuff myself, sometimes stretching my stomach to the point of discomfort
  5. Although I try to avoid it, fully aware of the inevitable distress, I weigh myself … even worse, I’ll often weigh myself at night which I sometimes use as a predictor of my morning weight, but in this scenario, my weight will be at a temporary, bloated high from junk food, over eating and skipping exercise
  6. Feeling bloated, fat, and disgusted by my weight, I get the in for a penny, in for a pound mindset and start to think WTF?
  7. My motivation deteriorates as I beat myself up and negative thoughts crowd out thoughts of good nutrition and daily exercise
  8. Left over junk food becomes breakfast and lunch the following day
  9. The pattern escalates on subsequent day(s)

When I let this cycle go too far, this is a time when one of my legendary super pig-outs can happen.

So tomorrow is a critical day. It needs to be a turn-around day. I need to be able to take a rest day or even enjoy occassional indulgences now and then. This is a challenge that I’ll face again and again, and I need to acquire the tools to better respond to this pattern and make a quick mid-course correction. Tomorrow will be a test day.

Tomorrow’s challenge: DO NOT have an awful eating day and let any negative momentum build after this evening overeating of late night comfort foods.
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Day 11 – I had a huge motivator today!

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

The answer to yesterday’s challenge: I did great with eating balanced meals throughout the day Sunday!

My Nutritional Choices
Time Item(s)
11:30a 2 eggs, scrambled w/pam cooking spray, english muffin w/butter, 16 oz Diet Snapple rasberry tea
2:00p 1 small pretzel
3:00p couple stalks celery + Smuckers natural peanut butter
2:00p 2 small pretzel
6:15p Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Flatbread, 20 oz Diet Snapple rasberry tea
7:00p 1/2 cashews
9:30p 8 oz orange juice w/extra pulp mmmmmmmm
10:00p 4 oz barbeque rotisserie chicken (no skin), 2 oz peas w/spray butter, 3 oz cantelope
10:30p 1/2 oz turkey & pastrami lunchmeat
11:00p 12 oz diet Coke
1:00a few cashews, rasins
1:30a 10 oz reg Coke
Thoughts of the Day

This morning I woke up and immediately weighed in … 240 lbs. I’m right on the verge of breaking into the 230’s. That’s huge. It’s been years since I’ve even see a weight in the 230’s, but my primary motivation is capping my success of losing the last 10 lbs and getting started on the next 10. Although I have the huge goal in the back of my mind, I never concentrate on it. It’s too big and can only serve to bring you down and eat away at your momentum and motivation if you think too much about it. It’s human nature that when we want something or want to change something, we want it fast. I try to focus all of my concentration on 10 lb increments, at the 10 lb-multiple markers, e.g. 260, 250, 240, 230, etc. So you can probably see why my weigh-in of 240 today has significant meaning. I want to cross that boundary and start on a new increment. When I’m making progress I feel good and that, in turns, motivates me and increases my momentum. When I make significant progress, I feel even better and tend to work even harder and am motivated to continue striving for the big returns. I have this saying that I sometimes say to myself — “as long as there’s progress, little else matters.”

Today I’m super motivated. Tomorrow I plan to see a reading of 239.5 or lower on my scale. Any reading higher is unacceptable.

Tomorrow’s challenge: drink at least 3 large cups of water throughout the day
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